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DealerAdPros Uses the Power of Media and Words to Drive Car Sales and Capture your Audience’s Attention! Our Expert Photographers, Social Media Team and Description Writers use a Combination of Visual Inspection and AI Technology to Boost your Online Presence and Convert Browsers into Buyers with Compelling and Persuasive Vehicle Ads or YOU DON’T PAY!

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Meta Ad Listing
(Customized Facebook & Instagram PPC Vehicle Specific Ads)

In the ever-evolving landscape of digital marketing, car dealerships are constantly seeking innovative ways to reach potential buyers. One such avenue gaining traction is the utilization of PPC (Pay-Per-Click) ads on meta platforms. Meta platforms, encompassing Facebook and Instagram, offer a vast user base and sophisticated targeting options, making them prime territory for advertising endeavors.

For car dealerships, PPC ads on meta platforms present a golden opportunity to showcase their inventory to a highly engaged audience. With tailored targeting based on demographics, interests, and behaviors, dealerships can pinpoint their ads to reach individuals actively seeking automotive solutions.

Moreover, the interactive nature of meta platforms allows for engaging ad formats like carousels and videos, enhancing the user experience and driving higher engagement rates. By leveraging PPC ads on meta platforms, car dealerships can not only increase brand visibility but also generate quality leads and ultimately boost sales, marking a significant stride in their digital marketing endeavors.

Only $350/Month

Description Writing SEO Content Blaster

If You Don’t Think Customers Read Descriptions, Google Definitely Does and Ranking Matters! We Write the Best Customized Vehicle Descriptions on the Planet! Your Entire Inventory Updated Daily, Daily Records and Reports available. AI and Key Word Rich. Incredible for SEO and Social Media Postings! Also Includes: Custom Intro and Outro Statements, Shortened Link to Each Vehicle VDP, Stock Number (essential for Social Media Push), Mileage, Color, Trim level, Custom Equipment, Hashtags and much more. Customized to Your Dealerships Needs! 24/7 Support!

Only $800/Month

Social Media Video Shorts & SMM Ranking Dominator

We are the TikTok Pros! Daily Custom Inventory Reels Created and Posted Along with Inventory Photo Wall Ads to Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and More! This is a Full SMMA Service for Dealerships! Get Your Entire Inventory Posted on Social Media and Start Dominating Now!

Only $300/Month

Reputation Management Power Booster

QR Code and AI Technology Used to Gain Positive Google Reviews. 4 and 5 Star Ads Pushed Through and Negative Ads Blocked and Sent to Management for Review. Google Reviews Responded to Immediately by our AI Technology.

Starting $32/Car

Professional Photography and Videography Merchandising

Elevate your Car Dealership with our Professional Photography and Videography Services. Captivate your Customers Through Stunning Visuals that Showcase Your Inventory. We Provide DIY Training and Consulting. Ask About our SmartVin+ Proprietary VIN Decoding Software that adds Monroney Lable Data and Exports Directly to CarGurus Gaining Value for Your Inventory! Data Service Fees Are Required Based on Volume.

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Our years of Dealer Management experience has gained us full knowledge of all the players in DMS Technology. Partnering with technology companies is the key to optimizing our products. By leveraging their expertise, we can infuse cutting-edge innovation, enhance functionality, and ensure seamless integration. This collaboration empowers us to deliver unparalleled quality, faster development cycles, and a competitive edge. Joining forces with tech leaders creates a synergy that transforms our products into the best-in-class solutions, propelling us ahead in the market.

1 (619) 619-919-8900

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